Montessori eXperience

Foundational. Conceptual. Visual.

Give your child the stimulation they crave for, through our incredibly structured learning content, where each module delivers a clearly articulated learning outcome with a razor-sharp focus. Each week builds upon what was learned and mastered in the previous weeks helping the child progress in an absolutely stress-free manner.

Dr. Maria Montessori believed that the child is capable of driving their own learning. We as an adult must provide them with the right material and environment. Our content is designed in that same spirit and will help your child acquire the most important skill of tomorrow - becoming an independent learner, with our Montessori trained teachers guiding their way.

Program 1: Online Montessori Tutoring

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Program 2: Teacher guided e-learning

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Program 3 : Math for STEM Aspirants

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Montessori Pink Scheme

Decimal Place Value

Montessori Blue Scheme