Coding Classes

We offer 1-hour lessons in coding once a week, in-person at our Richmond Hill location to help your child explore the amazing world of computer programming. 

Beginner Level:

We start with the fundamentals of computer programming using the visual programming language Scratch 3.0 developed by MIT. It helps students develop computational thinking by exploring concepts like conditional operations, loops and other control structures. It also demonstrates how different entities and events within a program communicate and collaborate with each other to achieve the desired outcome.

Intermediate Level: 

Once the child is comfortable with the core concepts of programming in a visual environment, it’s time for them to graduate to the real world of coding in Python. This is where the next level of coding problems will be solved such as working with different data structures like arrays, lists, sets, dictionaries, and operations on files and databases.  Students learn not just how to solve a problem but how to arrive at the most optimal solution as they are asked to come up with different algorithms to solve a problem and then evaluate each algorithm for efficiency.

Advanced Level: 

The journey continues with the more advanced concepts like RESTful APIs, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Serverless computing and also introduces the child to the idea of low-code / no-code development and the latest trends in cloud computing.


Program Fee : $150 per month. Simple month-to-month plan.

Location: In person at our Richmond Hill centre (Unit 11 - 604 Edward Ave Richmond Hill ON L4C 9Y7)