Phonogram sh ch th

Phonogram sh ch th

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Recommended Age 4.5 to 8 years
Typical Duration 4 weeks, self-paced
Prerequisites Montessori Blue and Pink Scheme

 What is covered

Contains everything your child will need to master these phonograms including video lessons, interactive quizzes, worksheets and word lists. There are also specialized readers with a voice-over option and with a focus on words with these phonograms.

 What is included in the package

  • Montessori presentation videos - short, precise, engaging and to the point
  • Interactive Online quizzes
  • Printable Worksheets for extra practice without extra screen-time
  • Specialized readers to cover each of the phonograms

How is the content delivered 

Immediate delivery - link to access the course emailed as soon as the purchase is made. The access is granted for 1 year from the date of purchase.